Everything Is Still But Time (In Memory of Scott Hutchinson)

I walk away with you, for now, every word spoken clearly in my mind and sang like deeply perfumed rain clouds drowning. The mess and toil, the waking sadness overflowed, the joy.

I turn and run back the other way, in case the past is catching up with every second wasted in the deep pits of my dreams. A place no one should ever run too, a hazard foiled, no escape from prison and no exacting shadows unfold.

A flower on the green in tears, a weeping blessed in courage still remains, poor life torn asunder by its death, brave and beauty rabid heavens set upon by doves.

Everything is still but time, i will walk back with you in silence. Everything is perfect in this place, except for all the voices in your head that sigh.

Soon when all your words become the lyrics that i loved, the simple melodies and torture falling softly up, i wish and wait for skies to wake me back away, to hear your footsteps tread gently one last time as you sing sweetly and wave goodbye.

RIP Scott, you were loved xxx


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