Wave At Dogs

Say hi to me and people and things, places and other things, everyone and everything in its own place. Not that it stops for you or me or for the ticking hand of a clock so stuck by ravaged bitterness or beauty.

Which one I never know, which should it be it hardly even matters. Come into life a child of brains and skin and tears and vibrancy and light, leave a toiled mess of fallen dreams and broken promises and aching limbs and not much else.

Say hi to me and people and things and say hello to dogs and objects and random clouds that seem to wave at the corner of your soul. Everything seems just, adventure puts its faith in your love and trust. The wave awake, the mind of a shattered life left to trail.

For real, nothing granted nothing taken from you without first getting sold on its beauty, on it’s reasoning. For warmer winters, for cooler Summers, for days you knew not much existed inside your soul but torture and famine of your body whole. Breaking up the pieces that were left, taping them back together with only dreams, waving at dogs to make you feel better, for a second, minute for the hour it takes to live again say hello and say goodbye to everyone and everything.


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