Falling Into Each Other – Poetry For Geniene

The Requiem of Science, can not explain the charming silence beneath your words and from beneath your smile, where your perfect beauty forever lies. No distance can make the meteor of time, scream less for your soul to stay still and always stay safe at night. 

All of spirits remain beneath the surface as all of love transforms our strength to grace us courage. I see your eyes every time I hear your voice, I feel your life everyday as you encircle joy. 

There is no beauty in always having to be right                                                                                                    the only beauty is in hearing you speak softly late at night                                                               Before the storm, before the calm a picture of your voice                                                                          A breeze so softly hinted psalm.    

No echo or illusion, nothing but distance and a little time                                                                                 Can keep me from loving you, in your beauty where it forever lies. 

I hope someday to not be left, with regret for having never met.                                                       I hope someday to walk with you, down fields and by a lake or two. I dream to tell you, for you mean more than any other has meant before. To laugh and talk and cry for cover, so late at night as we begin to fall into each other. 





Baby, I Never Wanna Lose You

In all the blur of hearts being broken You cannot ignore the loving glances stolen Nobody owns a prisoner, I know I need you more Now than I have ever needed anyone before

Give me a signal and let me in your eyes  To fill your soul with sweet sympathy kisses every night. Awake with a stranger but nothing I feel in her seems strange anymore, Take her into my arms, my amour And tell her I love her as much as I loved her the day before. 

Sweet music drown out whispers Sensual and raw, touch her skin, grips me tighter Oh baby, I never wanna lose you  Oh my baby, I never wanna miss you again Oh baby, I never wanna use you Oh my baby, I need you to fix me my beautiful friend. 

Sincerity in dreamy patterns forming  All my miracles have happened for a reason Spending pastimes listening and forever wishing Outside in the bright spark of a passing season.

 I know this beauty takes its time to supress the everlasting love that you and I accept I know the future is a long existence for us to take this love between all time and distance.   

   Sweet music drown out whispers  Sensual and raw, touch her skin grips me tighter Oh baby, I never wanna lose you Oh my baby, I never wanna miss you again Oh baby, I never wanna use you Oh my baby, I need you to fix me my beautiful friend.


A  CAT he waits for Winter’s Boredom   A line of snow, a shadow seen less seldom. He is casting doubt on all the sounds forgotten, A sharp eternal crush, in dreams forever

Who saw my likeness in his eyes?  The worn out face, a mass of poverty deprived. In solitude depression, the fleeting shot from winter’s long regression 

Touch erotic, stolen, filling time Stand on sanctuaries, bold and dressed for crime Skinning social, Swollen, epidural lies Killing cats, a concept, they do not fit for size

Auto Immunise the beasts,who take us to the captors for the feast Bleed the corporal cannon bone, the seed And glue it back with fresh dehumanised disease 

We have lost nothing in defeat  No gradual renewal of everlasting peace We have lost nothing on repeat The barricading havens, waiting walks to cheat

Touch erotic, stolen, filling time  Stand on sanctuaries, bold and dressed for crime Skinning social, swollen, epidural lies Killing cats, a concept, they do not fit for size. 

Breaking free, intoxicate release  Waking up the hunters from their woven sleep A purity, a friend, a foe or  A follower who begs you not to go

The sanctuaries have died with stunning ease The trees have burned all hell right down to its knees. A stranger in the night came forward to police to stop the savage slaughter of animals where they bleed.    

Walking Painting Of Perfect Summer

The Red Rocks crashed and waved then smiled                                                                            The Breeze fell evenly between the cliffs then died                                                            The only sudden sky went quietly into light                                                                          As the last remains of Spring rolled up tides

 Sending Summer forwards for display,                                                                                 To turn our heads to tragic love dismayed                                                                  Landing side for surfers and hooray                                                                                   The cheers of pastimes sweetly swam too late                                                               Finding my desire crushed and laid                                                                                     As Red Rocks waited, smiled then waved 

Nothing says i love you like your eyes                                                                      Shattered, split and diamond sparkling shy                                                                  Nothing says I need you like your lust for life                                                                   Warm and free, undaunted where magical beauty thrives


When statues never move, they pause                                                                             Through maps on sand that sprinkle our souls applause                                                        For the last cloud left when all is gone but joy                                                                        Has left nobody here, except for one sweet girl and boy. 

With crushed dreams still fresh as Winters friend                                                                 Continued over moments that we wished would never end                                                       The only girl who makes the sun rise higher                                                                          The walking painting of perfect Summer inside her

Nothing says I love you like your eyes                                                                                Shattered, split and diamond sparkling shy                                                                         Nothing says I need you like your lust for life                                                                               Warm and free, undaunted where magical beauty thrives                                

A magnified and slowly drawn, crafted princess from the broken dawn.                                  A slide hand waiting to take you gently out to sea,                                                               As our love lives on in waves crashing as softly as can be.

Together, We Watch The Water Dance

Do you sparkle as if everyday you lit up for love? Do you paraphrase every smile when you grace us with your trust. The sea’s are deeper round the coast, where all is lost, so many boats. How many hearts have tried to stay awake at night, to reach out into the gloomy light and touch the softest thread of life.

With you babe, I watch the water dance                                                                              With me babe, holding both your hands                                                                             With you babe, we watch the water dance                                                                           With me babe, you are my beach and sand.  

Hearing nothing new, the only echo is in a distant room. The speeches were our first and truth, the days of beauty still perfect in our lasting youth. If life made paragraphs of love, it started with a heartfelt dove, helping us to both become what stronger lovers were all made of. Middle sentences, we had to cry, ourselves to sleep so lonely nights. Adrift and in a pool of chimes, the clang that left us both desired. 

With you babe, I watch the water dance                                                                              With me babe, holding both your hands                                                                                  With you babe, we watch the water dance                                                                          With me babe, you are my beach and sand.   

From the great romantic books, we need to finish it like it should, with you and me upon the rocks of the ocean’s edge and forever lost. Not in storms or waves that broke but lost within each other’s souls. So deeply moved, so sweet thus smile, i’m so in love with you, in time that stands so still as if it knows this love is greater than any love that went before

With you babe, I watch the water dance                                                                             With me babe, holding both your hands                                                                            With you babe, we watch the water dance                                                                        With me babe, you are my beach and sand.                                                                       Wave upon crashing wave, heart upon beating heart, kiss upon treasured kiss, you and me forever, loved, such bliss.   

To my dear beautiful sweet angel, who i love so much. G xxxxx ❤ ❤


These Clocks, Inspiration and Running Rivers

O world, please inspire me in everything i do, in everything i feel, fill my heart with an eclipse of inspiration, beauty and imagination. It thrills me daily, encapsulates the very definition of being alive and fuels me into dreaming. Seeing pieces of a picture, that only i can see and give me space on which to stand, a land, a mound of grass on which to grow and be myself. 

A clearing in the trees so i can breathe a river, lake into my lungs and feel the air ferment inside, half listening, half talking, reaching out to my soul and encouraging it to shine. To make the best of what is left, to find love in places far above, to play with light in the kindness of the night. I wish it, want it, need it everytime. 

O world please inspire me, with thoughts and feelings so rarely explored, ones that go beyond the mere compass of human expedition. A higher love, a finer voice, sweeter eyes that accompany you and i, a journey into discovery every time we go outside. Watching clocks, they see time i see two hands gently overlapping every day and night. Admiring from afar, passing seconds, minutes, they drift apart then as time does fly they find their way back home. 

Together like 2 friends, alone and old, no distance ever changes what they have or hold. I will always wonder if i shall be inspired, for the rest of my whole life or if now i should just treasure without fear of the never never. Perfect in my arms and heart, so beautiful in my mind and sight, so gentle in my soul unfold, so wonderous of joy deployed. I see clocks that will inspire me, inspiration that enlightens me, running rivers that surprise me and every desire that ever fires me. 

The Kids Are Already Dead

Fifty seven houses, climbing from the ground, filled with kids they’re bored to death, gagged and bound. Video games of mastery, proficiency be theirs, our economy is easily fucked now. A waste, who would buy us if they knew our lack of social skills? Who would challenge us if they knew our lack of basic brain cells? 

Bang, shoot, kill, the guy with guns killed a prostitute in GTA and trashed the city, surely that’s a metaphor for everything. Our kids fucked like soulless zombies fighting over the last piece of human flesh on a burning fire. Useless human skin without a taste just bland, so ordinary and weak like all of us. What can we offer but excuses, so many of them i lost count. 

Don’t go out tonight, i swear you wouldn’t know where to start. That girl in gym class likes you, so what? you developed feelings for your Xbox. Try explaining how to cheat and win, ya she really doesn’t care that much! Will you fuck her? can you fuck her? do you even have a clue what to do? 

Someone heard a rumour, the guy in 24 is a rapist and a whore, hiding bodies in his basement, kids like you dead and lifeless, sad and pathetic. Where’s the difference? You are even worse, why don’t you just knock upon his door? Oh i forgot, machines are calling you back home, to kill a stranger, fuck a prostitute on a dirty floor. 

The only way you’re having sex tonight, in fantasy, in you’re tragic mind. Swimming in a toxic world where death is easy and living is nothing valid. You know outside there is a place of freedom but inside all that counts is  the way your body freezes, each part broken, strange, unclean and every day all you do is die and die a little deeper.