Self Aware Suffocation

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement”   Golda Meir

I depart but i do not let go, hand over hand the exchanging of handshakes.                 The talented self-assured foggy exercise. Warmth of a stranger his breath on            yours. Meeting in mid-air colliding like old friends who glance and nodding know what to say without saying anything.

All irrelevance portrayed in glimpses, fragments of touch its all too much for                my suffocating soul. I know its there it knows its place to choke the energy in         every limb leveled by endurance.

Meeting at a distance, whispering and listen, the foggy exercise now bereft of          closure. Sudden weight of pressure lays it down and lonely, waiting for                 reciprocated glory, not forthcoming i don’t know you all i see is crystals in the foreground. Eyes that shine like bright lights on a dime. 

Correspond to letters or types or highs or lows or forever and nothing more.           Splashing like those in a row with arms and legs blue and worn. Nothing to fear but the fear of losing all feeling, going a day without seeing, the people who give life to     all meaning, the people who challenge you into believing.

The concepts, the passions, the senses the wilting. I depart but i do not let go,                i am amused by this relevance, which i plainly choose to always ignore. 

This is a poem that challenges the concept of the social norm which seems to suggest that in today’s society you need to greet everybody with some kind of formal greeting like a handshake or a kiss. Its bizarre and irrelevant to feel like you need to do this with everyone, even people who you barely know and have rarely ever met before but maybe a friend of a friend or something. You don’t know them so why should you be made to greet them like you are long lost best friends. Fuck it, sometimes a knowing glance is enough to let somebody know you recognise them from your distant past rather than having to go up hug them and pretend you give a fuck about how their life has turned out. Fuck social norms and what society makes you feel like you should do. Be yourself with yourself and around others. 


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